If the dumpster is filled over the designated fill line, we have the right to remove some or all of the load. You, as the customer are responsible for unloading the material/debris until the load complies with the designated fill line.

If the driver cannot pick up the dumpster due to: Dumpster overfilled, too heavy to pick up, hazardous material present in dumpster, dumpster blocked, etc.; There will be additional charges to include but not limited to a trip fee depending on circumstances.

If the dumpster needs to be moved to a different location on your property after it has been placed, a “move fee” will be added to your bill.

Appliances, Asbestos Containing Items, Batteries, Bulk Liquids, Chemicals (Corrosive, Flammable), Electronics, Explosives, Fertilizers, Hazardous Waste, Herbicides, Medical Waste, Paint, Pesticides, Propane Tanks, Radioactive Wastes, Tires.

Customers are responsible for the type of material disposed of in the dumpster and will be charged accordingly if the item is prohibited in the dumpster.

Weight allowances will vary by dumpster size. If the customer goes over the weight allowance they will be charged for the additional weight.

Prices: Please call to obtain a quote for your specific location and needs as it will vary by each customer. After a price is given, customers may confirm services though scheduling under the tab.

Please see the scheduling tab to follow steps to schedule and view availability.

Customers must cancel before 12PM the business day before delivery or else they will be charged $100 cancelation fee. 

You will not receive a discount or refund for ending the rental agreement early.

Rain and snow can saturate debris and waste in the dumpster, making it heavier than normal which can increase rental fees.

We use a secure merchant that will email you a link to pay your invoice.